After a long chat with Texas Triathlon Athlete Champ "Chuck Cash," I came to learn that he  attributed a big part of his success to a supplement he was taking consistantly.

I contacted the manufacturer and offered to help launch the product for athletes under an innovative name. "Master of Stamina" was born.  The sports supplement is geared primarily toward competition athlete without excluding individuals who seek to heighten their energy level.

To meet our market needs, we created versions for women athletes, and even para-athletes.

Master of Stamina can be purchased only on this website of on amazon.com for limited products.

While actively looking for more opportunities to share products with the world of sport; and wanting to stay true to my committment (of not contributing in an area of business I was not pationate about), my choice fell on orthomolecular nutrition; an area I was already studying as part of my doctoral degree. The question became: what supplements to make available in a market already saturated with supplement products.  After some thoughts; I decided to focus on innovative products that are

- safe and effective, with proven health benefits,

- market potential, and provided

- measurable results.


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