This F A Q is based on an interview with Master of Stamina formulator.

1. Why is Master of Stamina the world's best athletic recovery formulation

Master's stamina is the culmination of about 14 years of research into mitochondrial effects on the human body. And we find that taking care of mitochondria is one of the most important things to improve the stamina of an athlete because mitochondria is literally burned out while athletes are in high performance or competition; the recovery time is a long time. But if you can feed the mitochondria specifically and add in other nutrients you can give the body a quicker recovery time because mitochondria is fed and it is much more happy to help out the cells of the body.

2. You talked renewing the mitochondria, and not rejuvenating the mitochondria; I don't understand?

Basically what happens is mitochondria is a single, almost like a single celled material although it's not a cell it's a small component they called organelle, which are small entities which live inside every human living cell; and it has some DNA. What happens as we age, the mitochondria tends to get mutated and doesn't reproduce properly; it dies off; no reproduction for mitochondria. It is very much like any plant cell. It simply divides. There is no sexual reproduction it's asexual reproduction. So every mitochondria is the clone of every other mitochondria.

So if we can go in and make mitochondria happy by feeding them and provide proper nutrients for mitochondria, they will actually divide and increase in number; the more mitochondria you have the more energy you have, the more energy I have, the more the cells can repair themselves.

So that's the secret to Master of Stamina because it gives the individual living cells in all aspects of the human body the power to regenerate; because the mitochondria is happy and reproducing its body and producing more mitochondria is more energy within every living cell.

3. I am thinking about increasing my stamina. Make a case for me why I should buy Master of Stamina versus any other product out there, if there is any?

Well a lot of people will sell certain vitamins, nutrients and minerals and that's really good but unless you have something that has been tuned and absolutely tuned to feed the mitochondria in your body with the specific amounts of material. To give you an example. Acetyl L-carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Co-Q10, if you don't have within 5 percent one way or the other of a proper ratio between Acetyl L-carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid,the whole system is that if as you don't have any of either one properly. They'll provide some nutrition and modification for that for the amount of nutrients that the amount of mitochondria received. But the process is tuned to the mitochondria; everybody else tunes it to the body.

4. What is Master of Stamina good for?

Someone asked me one time what organ, or what does this product do or good for. And I said, basically the only things it really helps is every living cells in the body. So that would be every living cell that we have, whether it's in your eyes, your brain, the skin and your big toe, or the smooth and strained muscle that you have in your legs and arms, that you need for competition and the smooth muscle in your heart. So it's very important to keep the amount of mitochondria happy and if you do that, if you have good healthy mitochondria, then the cells can more efficiently use all that other good stuff that other people produce. And there's a lot of really good stuff out there. But if you got decrepid mitochondria from over-exhersion and you eat the wrong things and are around toxic materials the amount of mitochondria suffers and all the vitamins and minerals you take are not going to be effective; just not at their top performance for your body.

5. Now let say, I made a choice to take Master of Stamina; and at the same time I am taking some antibiotics, is there going to be any conflict?

In 14 years; we've never found any contraindication in any of the products that are related or are precursor to Master of Stamina product; anything related to the feeding and care of mitochondria. Not one time in 14 years have we had any discussion with anyone about contraindications. So we take that as a very positive thing.

6. I like to compete; but I don't like to compete just to compete, I like to win. What can master of Stamina do for me?

Recovery, and having recovery time is really really important; to be able to get back; and get the training done. What is really comes down to is that recovery is not competition. Competition requires endurance, and endurance can only be gotten by having sufficient recovery time; and having your mitochondria happy so that when you call upon the strength of your body to Excel, that energy is there. And you're going to be able to call in those reserves when you need it. Now if your mitochondria is unhealthy and depleted, you have a very limited amount of reserve energy, reserve strength. And this is very very important because the mitochondria has to provide energy to the cells. So if it's muscle tissue, the muscle tissue has to have a lot of stamina; if it is lung tissue; then the lungs have to be able to properly process the blood and reactivate the blood with oxygen. The heart has to be strong; and all of this can only be done if you have spent time properly in recovery. However you have to build on this every day with the proper nutrition for your mitochondria because the mitochondria feeds every living cells. So all the other good stuff you're taking; everything you're doing; the mitochondria is going to be much much happier; and that reserve energy is going to be there when you need it. And that's what you do to help other people because a lot of people don't know they have to do something for their mitochondria.

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